No more password_resets table with signed url

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url has logic for expiration and not tampering

    // TODO: use temporary signed url
    public function verify(Request $request, User $user, UserRepository $User, PhoneVerificationRepository $PhoneVerification)
        $this->validate($request, [
            'code' => 'required',
        $verification = $PhoneVerification->find([
            'phone_number' => $user->phone_number,
            'code' => $request->query('code'),
        $verified = optional($verification)->code == $request->query('code');

        if (! $verified) {
            return back()->with('error', 'Wrong verification code');
        $User->update(['id' => $user->id], ['phone_is_verified' => true]);
        $PhoneVerification->delete(['phone_number' => $user->phone_number]);

        return redirect()->route('', $user)
            ->with('success', 'Phone number verified');