Make 1 000 000 FCFA in tech from Senegal

Feb 15 / 1 min read
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  • people to check on one week later (August 12) comments + rt This is not a salary but your gains as freelance developer. You can make up to 10x more. Keep in mind that There is no max. More risks come with more gains.

Please don't confuse year experience with quality of work. You don't need 10y of experience to be good like a senior developer

Most of the time they are remote works so more time being at home.


  • I do not fill the criteria of the job You rarely will. Just apply and see how it turns out. Worst case scenario they will ignore you. It won't hurt you. Just keep on applying
  • I don't have enough experience ? You don't need to be a master. Just start today now. Stop reading this. Go learn by experiencing and apply to the job offers
  • I don't have the time Well happy life mate.