Let's talk about money

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Not everybody wants to talk about money. Disclosure: you need to want or love money.

Waouw! People don't want to talk about money. You like it or not you need money to live or at least survive

not taking about money is a sign of wealth, like it doesn´t matter. it's mind boggerling to me to be poor and not talk about it

We started a room on short notice maybe but

  • 2 or 3 people interested
  • busy or curious people jumping in and out

Why people don't talk about money I think I finally know why people don't talk about money (openly) The margin will shoke you what you make in 1 year, someone makes in 1 month 1 month in 1 day even worst (or better depending on your perspective), what you works your whole life for, in just 10 seconds

I can understand why it is among 3 taboo topics:

  • Religion
  • Politique
  • Money

You own your life you do whatever

    1. Why don't you want to talk about money ?
    • You don't have any ?
    • No interest in it ?
    • education: built this way ?
    • it is taboo
    1. What is money ?
    • resource
    • exchange: unify value perceived
    1. How to get money ?
    • inherit
    • from money (recursive I know) - Investisment
    • exchange time - go
    • exchange value
    • money != time
      • time => money
      • money is not time
    1. money = f(value)
    • value is not absolute but relative
    • Tips: know how to market yourself
    • PS: life is not fair. you won't always get exactly what you want
    • Theorie du producteur et consommeur
      • ideal world: you produce more than you consume
      • worst case scenario: you produce as much as you consume
      • simple maths: you can't spend more than you have You don't follow this, you get in trouble
    1. Objective / Utility: What's even money for ?
    • survive / independent / live
    • fulfillment / pleasure
    • do good / greater good
    • work for MFP: Money, Fulfillment, Purpose
    1. Money vs Currency
    • Alt coin (Bitcoin, Etherum)
    1. Money management
    • budgeting: it all goes down to this

different financial goals:

  • Financial crisis You are in distress you beg you ask for donations everything is urgent. You don’t know where your next mail is coming from.
  • Financial Unstability You have money coming in but it’s not enough you have money till the end of month you make 50 K before end of months you are borrow 20 with me by the end of it you left with 30
  • Financial stability your work is giving you a float. You have a good income, but the made you lose it. You are back to financial unstability.
  • Financial independence You have multiple source of income you can stop working today, but still have something to feed you. The money from your source of income is enough to cover all your expenses and even though
  • Financial freedom This is about impact we can take care of 100 or 1000 of people to know impact Welle


  • diploma is useful
  • proofs are better


  • Money and work
    • Before work, studies
    • Gestion du temps
      • comment prendre congès ?
    • Why are you working ?
      • are you improving yourself ?
    • Accepting a job offer with no detail could lead you to tough times
      • not looking for money but experience or knowledge ?
        • you might be wrong about that
    • work as worst than slavery
      • no food, no shelter and more working hours
  • Money after work

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