Your ISP may be spying on you

Your ISP may be spying on you

We all agree to say that Internet became a necessity in the world that we're living in. It is so obvious that we do not even think about having it missing just like water or oxygen. Nevertheless we also tend to take some things as granted and don't think too much about how the whole thing is being provided to us. Speaking of provider, today I want to share with you why I say you ISP may be spying on you. First of all we will define what is an ISP and its role before breaking down the Internet model

  • What is an ISP ?
  • Role of an ISP
  • How Internet works
  • The different layers where your data can be intercepted
  • Closing notes


Most of the services are free (google services) Your online activity is monitored ISP can sell your data to government or criminals

  • Orchid as one solution to privacy
  • Tor from Onion
  • VPN Hide your traffic from your ISP but can sell your data to advertisers too. So be careful when using free VPN because it might be their way of making money from you.