Team vscode: how can you pretend you are happy ?

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Team vscode I still wonder how you pretend being happy. Do you know what you're missing with phpstorm? Recently had to refactor a laravel project:

  • move php class, namespace, renaming
  • All of that is made super easy with phpstorm (intelliJ idea)
  • find and replace using regex
  • all that refactoring because we were not using laravel way to update

(.*) => ((Model)::class) $1 => (new $3)->getMorphClass()

.* =? ((Model)::class) .::class '.\?Models\? get_class $this->assertEquals(.*::class

Out of scope: polymorphic relationship with Laravel

  • use $model->getMorphClass()
  • use $model->getKey() for relationships in general image

The official way to replace the polymorphic relationship would be

(new Model)->getMorphClass()

readme should have section about: For polymorphic relationship $user->getMorphClass() instead of App\Models\User User::class get_class($user)