Real state in dakar

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Ouakam real state appreciate 9 years period to 3 x how to buy On seller's end

  • état des droits réels
  • contrat achat vente
  • expertise bien réel avec une entreprise BTP de préférence agréé par la banque

On buyer's end

  • 3 bulletins
  • justificatif de domicile
  • demande manuscrite
  • copie CNI
  • devis réfection
  • amount to ask: purchase price + 10% notary + 18% tva + renovation / installation / title change

what to buy complain and let other own the lands do something about it

  • buy our own land

  • generation of renter

  • renting not always the solution

    • few cases where owning is better than renting
  • [ ] price tracker

    • add yours. Vetted by the public. This needs to be available to everyone
    • Mamelle 650k per m2
    • ouest foire 400 - 450k
    • almadies 1M - 1.5M
    • keur gorgui 1M