My approach toward marketing from leads to closed sales

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Was working on gps ads

  • start with one campaign
  • 5 x adset for each target audience. Use creatives above
  • 5 x creative to use as carousel
  • CTA
    • call
    • message through social ie whatsapp, instagram, facebook
  • Add headline including regionnie dakar senegal hors du pays
  • Prospect to see value through past present and future
  • Emphasis on decision or lack of decision today
  • shorten time to take action
    • installation same day or day after is free

One week later

  • generate one set of creative to use against first one to determine winner

Grow bigger means exploring more channels. Start with one until you feel like you saturated it. Ideally you would start with the one where most of your target audience is. I usually start with facebook.

Channels / Source / Medium

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Google
  • Email
  • Call
  • SMS. Warning with this one as you can be sued. Use whatsapp instead as more legal source
  • referral
  • blog


  • cold outreach
  • ads

Conversation with leads

  • follow up 24 to 48h later, when left with no response to gauge interest
  • follow up 7 days later, when left with no response

Build flow chart/state machine of lead stage to decide what is next best action

Warm outreach by blogging

Track metrics

  • engagement percentage - response

whole goal is to generate sales

  • sales come from marketing
  • lead magnet ? how ?

Referral / affiliate program

  • 5k for every closed sales
  • Metrics to know who is better cytomers
  • Force new customers to repeat actions from best customers
  • Baked referral ausiences / adset with callout to max amount per referral 10% maxed qt 5k as long as sales is above 30k
  • On sales close ask for referrals
  • Pay cac to customers for referrals
  • Single sided
  • Double sided when paid half for each
  • Use referral as négociation tactic to reduce price
  • should explain when and how they are being paid
  • steps
    • join program
    • share your link
    • your friends sign up
    • you both get 5k

Referral program model

  • name
  • email
  • phone
  • code - primary key
  • or referal have many codes ?
  • have many views
  • have many conversion
  • /r/:id/join

Cold outreach process

  • 5 steps. last one being last follow up before stopping to contact lead
  • follow up. No just a single message
  • Stop messaging after x attempts
  • Scraping to get list of lead to ad to funnel
  • Goal to qualify lead
  • Give value ie answer to get free resource
  • Craft good message
  • This can be called private advertising
  • Email to request demo

Crm models

  • leads
  • Tags
  • Campaign
  • Ads
  • Channel Lead have history

5 headlines for product using the MAGIC formula

Magnet Avatar: who is this for Goal Interval Container

Dream outcome Perception of achievement

Time to fullfilment

split testing algorithm

  • metric name

  • metric options

  • probability

  • result / value

  • a split test will be collection of metrics

  • a split test have views, conversion

  • Follow up with leads by asking them the following question are you still looking to…

  • Follow up 24 hour after initial contact

  • Follow up 7 days after, to see

  • Leads

  • Tags

    • Hot
    • Warm
    • Cold
    • Closed
  • Status

    • open
    • paused
    • lost
    • won
    • junk

Week 2 Ads

  • industry dealership to target for gps
  • 5 more creative with problem gps is solving
  • Format: callout, value, cta

Week 3 ads

  • landing page is ready
  • lead can get value, free resource from me ie blueprint gps metrics for yango
  • landing page per industry
  • ads to page views