Learn the concepts not the tools

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I find that most people find themselves learning the tools instead of actually learning the concepts. I am not saying that you should rebuild everything from scratch (refaire la roue) but trying and doing so will let you have a better understanding of the why and how

Programmer is someone that Read/write code, live in code

Frameworker vs engineer


  • lack of depth of knowledge


  • more knowledgeable in language


  • basis
  • Lot of theory
  • Concept
    • Stability
    • Change


Argument - What if it breaks and there is no support ?

  • open source repos that were abandoned by owner. Lack of time ? Passed away ? who knows

Argument - What if it is working but not exactly how you wanted to ?

This is particularly the kind of scenario where your own understanding of how things come together behind the scenes become relevant.

Few examples

Over all these few examples make you more productive and let you use your expertise and creativity where it can really matters.


  • pros:
    • no database needed
    • no API CRUD to make
    • live and observable data
    • pay as you go

AWS for cloud function or storage

  • pros *
    • pay as you go
  • you can still have your own storage or a modular background job

Heroku for web hosting


Wrap up

I think that we should not get lost by all these awesome available tools these days but constantly keep asking ourselves yes, but how is this working ? :think:. To my point of view, that is what makes us keep going up. We may

Everyone can code, no matter what your background is. I am putting together these contents (tweets, blog posts, screencast, audio notes) just because I would've loved if someone had done it with me when I was just getting started with tech. Tech is my passion since little boy but I wouldn't even think it was possible to make this amount of money with it. As you can guess, passion is big plus but not required. "Serise sur le gateau" Icing on the cake. You can totally be successful without it but time will fly differently. I think that can make a big difference in terms of results.

  • How ? Straight up I am going to tell you how.

    • Learn the basics. I can't emphasis enough on this point.
    • Find out what you like and be good on it
    • Congratulations! You're now a gem every company will dream to have on their team.
  • How long does it take ? I would say it depends on how fast you learn and how good you're in problem solving. You can decide what to learn based on the market needs but I would also recommend to pick what you like the most and be an expert at it. Time for you to shine!

  • motivation

    • what's your goal ?
    • what are your objectives in life ? Answering these questions will set you up for next
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