Landing page optimization

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Improve conversion rate

  • current at 1.9%
  • ecom around 4% standard, 9%
  • better landing page
  • initial tweet
    • Made a new dedicated page for just landing page. Homepage/product details page is not a landing page. Main difference is the amount of distraction (outside link) a homepage would have. A landing page would put an emphasis to the CTA.
  • up next
    • experience with landing page
    • split test
    • variations
      • title/headline x 5
      • price x 5
      • description x 5
      • feature image randomly picked
    • data structure
      • key
      • value
      • probability
  • action items
    • record page view/visit using analytics package
    • analytics package have api
    • call analytics endpoint when cta button clicked
      • js__cta__name1
      • data-key=value to be sent as data: {key=value}

Anatomy of a landing page

  • above the fold / first screen section
    • explain value, how it will be created, cta
    • help visualize
  • benefits
  • handle objections
  • last call to actions
  • footer

key metrics for a store

  • conversion rate
  • visits / views
  • sales
  • expenses
  • net revenue
  • computed
    • earning per visit
  • sales per time (ie 1 sale every 10min)
  • avg time between orders
    • useful for stock management
  • sales over time
  • sales week over week
    • month over month
    • year over year