How HTTP works

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HTTP(s) protocol explained


  • what is HTTP ?
  • how HTTP works ?

What is HTTP ?

Hyper Text Transfer protocol. Bravo! [meme:now you can go home]

[meme:more seriously] It just means that it is exchange of text between clients and servers Client: I want... Server: answer to the question I want...

How HTTP works ?

Exchange of text but with a format [meme:yes please]

Without a consencus we can't understand eacher otherwise it's just a mess

Header & Body as the components of HTTP

HTTP request

GET /about.html TODO: capture web browser

HTTP response

HTTP is stateless, SOAP is stateful

HTTPs Explained


  • how https works Nice animated explanation with a cool certification at the end.

Wrap up

That's it! congratulations! you know the HTTP protocol or at least the simplified version that I made of it. Notice here we did not talk about the secure version of HTTP(s) It may be interesting to check robots.txt