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  • what is it ?
  • Purpose
  • Attach vectors
  • Precautions
  • wrap up

Space specific

  • people don't understand the stake
  • data is gold


  • Is cool

What ?

Unauthorized access to systems, maintain or alter behavior

  • account access being the goal
  • hold your password like your money


  • account or system access or maintain access or alter behavior
  • leading to identity thief
  • data: is gold
  • for the money
  • none, just for fun

Attack vectors

  • data poisoning
  • social engineering
  • applications (web, mobile)
  • Internet in general

Attack vector: Social engineering

  • social media network
  • we are all failing to that
  • we say too much about ourselves Just going through your social profile you get to know so much about someone
  • Hacking step: discovery

Attack vector: applications (web, mobile)

  • first question you need to ask yourself is how comfortable are you with someone having your info

Attack vector Developer responsibility

  • secure app. Security by design
  • example of company with

Attack vector: Internet in general

  • download from trusted sources (ie download twitter on twitter website)


Account protection

  • password reuse
  • complex password is good
  • phrase password is good
  • if it's too good to be true, that's most likely not true
  • be familiar with your environment. Identify what you don't
  • physical protection is number one No hacking if you have physical access
  • do your homeworks, ask around

Wrap up

  • question your needs (services, websites, apps, social medias). If you don't need it just get rid of it
  • this is people doings with an automated sauce
  • no 100% secure
  • always weight how much you want the world to know about you