Collect analytics in react native / expo app

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    const routeNameRef = useRef(null)
    const onStateChange = useCallback(async () => {
        const previousRouteName = routeNameRef.current
        const currentRouteName = navigationRef.getCurrentRoute()?.name
        if (previousRouteName !== currentRouteName) {
            // TODO record screen/page/view change here
            // TODO: save event locally first to later pull and emit to server (network request) one at a time. Max 1 per second
            // TODO: api to record analytics
            //   POST /analytics/events {event: 'view', data: {screen: 'currentRouteName'}, date: new Date().toISOString().slice(0, 10)}
            //   add route params
            console.log('current page is ' + currentRouteName)
        routeNameRef.current = currentRouteName
    }, [])

				onReady={() => {
						routeNameRef.current = navigationRef.getCurrentRoute()?.name
				<StatusBar style="auto" />
  • [ ] api to queue analytics, immediate response to not hold up
  • [ ] save events locally in case network error for retry later once network restored.
  • [ ] save locally first, cadence one event every 1s max to space request in time