8 steps to building a successful project

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  1. Determine project goal
  2. Determine target audience
  3. Find core app feature
  4. Choose technology
  5. Design the UI/UX
  6. Build core app feature
  7. Test with audience
  8. Iterate!

How do u test it and for which purpose ? I start a new project to solve a problem for an audience. The project is therefore a solution I want to put in front of that set of persons. Main reason because we developer are biased. We tend to build features that we want not necessarily what users want.

Second reason it to test your solution once you have something to start with.

  • Adjust with feedbacks received for the next iteration
  • make the target audience participated. They will feel more concerned and willing to give you their money since the solution is tailored to them
  1. Find core app feature core app feature:
  • your app = f(problem, audience)
  • core features are the ones solving your target audience problems

for a streaming platform it would be the video player and the file manager

  1. Design the UI/UX UI is just about how you feel. Since creativity is involve there is no predefined rules just some good practices. Here on this thread it was about making some wireframes then build up from that

  2. When Think many people would love to hear your thoughts on testing. When to test what; sketches, wireframes, prototypes, hallway testing, moderated/unmoderated, etc... when to test ? as soon as possible. You need to put your product in front of people with early access to get their first feedback for the next iteration. Doing so they will feel like they participated to the final product then you can reward them with discounts.